Our Packing List – Essentials for Long-Term, Slow Travel

When you’re travelling quite light like we are, it’s essential that everything earns it’s space in your bag. Making sure that everything you carry is both useful and durable. Here are some of the products and gear we’ve been travelling with that we recommend really highly.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any purchase made through such links will award us a small commission (at absolutely no extra cost for you). These funds help us stay on the road, and keep the videos and blog up and running. We really appreciate the support!

Aeropress Go Portable Coffee Maker

Can’t live without your morning cuppa? Not a fan of instant coffee crystals (ew)? This little gadget takes up minimal space in our bags but guarantees we’ll always have a decent morning cup anywhere we go. It works almost like a mini french press and much more serious coffee snobs than us rave about it. It’s only 227g and is made of sturdy Phthalate Free BPA Polypropylene. The small space in our bags is well spent knowing that we’ll never have to drink crap coffee or (gasp!) go without our morning go-juice. It comes with some paper filters, which are great, but we also bought this stainless steel filter which works almost as good as the paper ones (just slightly more grit in the bottom of your cup.)

Collapsible Water Bottle

We weren’t 100% sold on the utility of these bottles when we purchased them, but since being on the road these have been unexpectedly handy! The silicone material is very easy to clean, and the 750 ml / 25 oz size is perfect. They’re even more handy in countries where you have to buy bottled water, we save money by buying larger sized bottles and filling these collapsible bottles for on the go. They fold up to pack very small when needed (though we rarely pack them as we use them so much in airports and bus stations.) They’re easy to grip, and they’ve stood up to pretty constant and rough usage.

Containers for your Toiletries

So I added these to my Amazon cart along with a bunch of other items when I saw them recommended highly somewhere. In a rush I didn’t look at the price and was a bit taken aback when I saw how much they cost (after I completed the order, oops.) There are definitely much cheaper options out there, but we find ourselves always commenting about how handy these little things are. And knowing that your liquids won’t leak in your bag and ruin your clothing is well worth it. We love the little locking mechanism for the cap and the really wide opening which makes filling them so easy. And they’re exactly TSA sized so you never have to wonder if they’ll get on the flight.

Waterproof Shoe Bags

Our shoes can get pretty dirty and rough, all the city walking and dusty roads and you certainly don’t want all that close to the clothes in your bag. And who has the time to clean their shoes before they pack every time? These were really inexpensive for a 4 pack so it’s perfect for us. Both of us only travel with 3 pairs of shoes so, if we’re wearing a pair when we travel (which of course we are silly) 4 is all we need. The zippers are durable and they’re waterproof! And they even fit Geoff’s big old size 12 men’s shoes.

Camera Gimbal

Our current camera gimbal


Our Current Drone

Camera #1

Our current vlogging camera

Camera #2

Our current action camera

We’ll be adding to this list as we go (including our tech, filming gear and luggage) so check back for more recommendations!



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