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Pure Detour originally was the duo of Geoff and Angela and like many people, we always dreamed of seeing the world.

We had great jobs and great lives in Canada, but felt like there would never be enough time with our yearly vacations to see as much of the world as we wanted (there’s just so much to see!)

In August 2021 (mid covid) we decided to make a leap of faith. We sold everything we owned (literally everything!) keeping only what we could fit in a carry on and backpack each. After 1.5 years being on the road together and 14 years overall, it all ended for us as a couple.

I in no way want to erase Angela from the memory of Pure Detour as she will always be a part of this in some way. This page will remain a constant reminder of her contributions to Pure Detour and more importantly her contributions to making me a better human being in general. From here on out though, it will be my solo travels as I eat my way around the world

My travel philosophy is “slow and steady”, usually spending a month in each city before moving on to the next. Giving me time to feel the heartbeat and culture of the places I visit as well as giving me insight and experiences that faster travellers may not gain. 

This blog (and my YouTube videos) are meant to share that with you.

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