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Proizd – the Magic Paradise Island- Vela Luka Korčula – Everything You Need to Know

There is no shortage of beautiful beaches on Croatia’s southern Dalmatian coast. The stunning crystal clear waters make it easy to find dozens of beautiful beaches in the area. But Proizd island near Vela Luka, Korčula is the best we’ve seen in the region. Proizd is easily accessible, yet feels remote. It is famous enough to have been voted ‘best beach in Croatia’, yet when you’re there you feel like you’ve been let in on an entirely secret paradise.

I have been visiting Proizd with my family for over 40 years, since I was a small child. My grandmother had a home in Nearby Vela Luka and a visit to ‘Baka’ wasn’t complete without a trip to the magical island of Proizd. Over the years, the Croatian coast has become a very popular tourist destination, but Proizd has managed to avoid the crowds and maintain it’s vibe as a secret island paradise.

Check out the video below for our magical day on Proizd!

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Beautiful Beach Proizd Island in Korcula Croatia

Where is Proizd?

Proizd is located off the NorthWest coast of the island of Korčula. Being an island, it is only accessible by boat. You can take a short ferry ride or hire a private boat.

How to get to Proizd

Catch the ferry at the dock right in front of the INA gas station in the center of Vela Luka. The schedule is posted in front of the ferry dock. Be aware, the schedule changes depending on the time of year so be sure to check before you go! Catch the ferry at the dock right in front of the INA gas station in the center of Vela Luka.

How much does the Proizd ferry cost?

The ferry costs 80 kuna per person and it is a round trip ticket.

How long does the Proizd Ferry take?

The ride takes about 30 minutes The ferry ride is comfortable, with benches to sit and a shaded interior seating area.

What to do on Proizd Island

Once you arrive on Proizd Island the first thing you will see is a map of Proizd. Maybe take a pic of the map but if you don’t, no worries, the paths are well marked and make it easy to navigate the island. There are really only a few paths and all of them end at a beach so you really can’t go wrong!

Timetable schedule Vela Luka to Proizd

There are 4 different beaches on Proizd. From North to South (or from right to left as you’re walking the path off the boat) they are Batalo, Veli bili bok, Srednji bili bok and Donji bili bok. You can certainly see all of them in one day

Map of Proizd Island and Beaches

What is the best beach on Proizd Island?

Our favourite spot on the island is definitely Srednji bili bok, but each has it’s own charms and character. Have a peek at all of them and decide which is best for you!

What to eat on Proizd Island

There is only one restaurant on Proizd island, right as you arrive at the ferry dock. They serve a variety of dishes including grilled meats, fish and salads and were open from 10am to 7pm. We really enjoy a few cold beers with some grilled cvapi and ražniči skewers. Important to note, when we were there the restaurant is CASH ONLY so make sure you bring enough. Two basic entrees and a couple of cold beers cost us about 450 kuna with tip.

Restaurant Proizd Opening Hours sign

Where to stay near Proizd

If you’re looking for accommodations near Vela Luka, check these great deals

  • Luxury AccommodationsSeaside Villa at Prizba– This private 4 bedroom villa in Prizba is about 10km from Vela Luka, is right on the gorgeous Adriatic sea and features your own private swimming pool and sun decks
  • Mid Range Accommodations – Hotel Korkyra – Right in the heart of Vela Luka and steps away from the marina, restaurants and ferry docks
  • Budget AccommodationsGuest House Mara– a quaint apartment with a very local feel only 200m from the ferry dock. Includes seating and dining areas and a fully equipped kitchen.

Looking for more things to do in Korčula?

If you visit Proizd, don’t tell anyone we sent you…some things are best kept a secret.



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